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Thursday, 2 February 2012

4 Birth Control Methods For Men

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Birth Control Methods Men
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Birth control is a contraception method to prevent unwanted pregnancy. There are several birth control methods for women but even men can contribute to the contraception process. Apart from vasectomy, which are the other birth control methods for men? Find out...

Birth control methods for men:

Vasectomy: This is one of the most common birth control methods men use. It is a small surgery in which the tube from which the sperm comes out is closed or blocked. This contraception method is ideal for men in the later ages after the family planning is done as it is a permanent process of controlling unwanted pregnancy.

Condoms: One of the easiest methods of birth control is by using condoms. There are two types of condoms namely latex and female condoms. Condoms prevents the chances of getting pregnant and also reduces the chances of transferring sexual diseases to your partner. However, condoms are not 100% effective and sometimes the woman can get pregnant even after her partner uses a condom. To be on the safer side, pull out when you know you will ejaculate. This avoids the woman from getting pregnant.

Outer-course: In this contraception method, you avoid intercourse with your partner. This is 100% effective when done properly. It is not possible to get pregnant when there is no sperm to fertilize. In outer-course, there is no vaginal intercourse and the chances of getting pregnant is zero. However, see that you don't ejaculate near the inner thighs or vagina of your woman.

Withdrawal: To avoid any chances of getting pregnant, many couples prefer withdrawal. In this contraception method, the man takes out the penis before ejaculating. This prevents the sperm from entering inside the fallopian tubes. It is one of the oldest methods for controlling unwanted pregnancy. In this method, you have to be sure when you reach climax. This helps you withdraw easily. It is best to wear condom even in this method to prevent spreading sexual diseases and infections.

These are few birth control methods for men which are effective, simple and easy!

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