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Monday, 28 September 2009

Sex Tips: How to Finger A Girl

There’s a real, hot sexiness to being able to bring your woman to a climax by just using your fingers.

Consider the fact that her body is – literally – under the command of your fingers and that you are able to WATCH her intently as you bring her to writhing pleasure.

Now, isn’t that sexy and hot?

Here are some tips on how to finger a girl:
Pre-Fingering Foreplay

Surprisingly, not all women like to be fingered by their lovers. This can be due to many reasons such as issues about hygiene, trust and may be even fear.

If your partner has some of these issues, it may be wise to pre-discuss the topic of fingering beforehand just to ensure that she’s at least open to the idea of it happening. Otherwise, you can slowly introduce fingering as you make love.

But before that, here’s rule No. 1: engage in foreplay! Foreplay ensures that you and your partner are in the right sexual frame of mind and body needs, making her just possibly a bit more open to being fingered.
Explore The Landscape Gently

If this is your first time to finger her, then ensure that you do everything you can to avoid any hang ups. For instance, ensure that your nails are cut and that your hands are clean (takes care of the issue of hygiene).

But more importantly, be gentle in your finger exploration. A woman’s body is all warmness and softness, right? As such, don’t go in there like an excited teenager. Instead, be respectful of her body as you go in and explore.

Also, using your fingers to simulate a woman’s genitals is not just about insertion. Be sure you pay attention to her labia (genital lips) and clitoris too.
Experiment With Different Textures, Pressures, And Movements

Not all parts of a woman’s genital area can be stimulated in the exact same way. For instance, a lot of women like their labia to be gently caressed, their clitoris to be rubbed and their G-spots to be tapped.

Now – again – not all women are the same so find the right combination that your lover finds the most sexually stimulating. And of course, as you try all these different sexual stimulation combos, don’t forget to pay attention to her! Moaning is good, jerking is not.
Time Is Of No Consequence

Don’t go about fingering your woman with a certain time frame in mind. You may ‘hit the jackpot’ right away, maybe not. Just give both yourselves time to get used to the different sensations. This is actually one of those times when the journey is as good as the destination.
How To Deal With Fingering Fatigue
How To Deal With Fingering Fatigue

In the course of your exploration, you might find yourself getting a tad tired but don’t give up and especially, don’t just stop and leave your lover in the cold! If you’re feeling a bit tired, try any of these: switch hands if you can, stop finger stimulation and go oral for a few minutes, stop finger stimulation and use a sex toy for a while, and others.
More Tips on How To Finger A Girl

1. Lube, anyone? Finger stimulation works best if your partner is really wet. If not, ensure you have a healthy backup of lube ready for use.
2. Learn and be a voyeur at the same time. Not sure how to please her down there? If so, ask her to masturbate in front of you so that you learn how to pleasure her exactly the way she wants it.
3. Learn when to stop. As you become more and more enthralled about bringing your lover to an orgasm just by using your fingers, it’s equally important to know when to stop trying. Too much friction can actually numb her genitals and when that occurs, reaching a climax is almost next to impossible so better stop now… and start again another day.
4. Learn effective fingering techniques! Head over to the link below to learn 2 step-by-step “Advanced Fingering Techniques” to bring your lover to multiple escalating orgasms.


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