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Wednesday, 4 January 2012

How to drive your man crazy with your breasts.

Breasts are a weapon women know how to use very well. We present a few ideas on how to drive your man completely crazy with your breasts.

Walk around the apartment topless

Your man undoubtedly loves your breasts. So don’t hide them in tight clothes and a bra at home as well. Wear a top without a bra, or even better, wear only a bra, or what’s best, be topless. Tease him with your breasts. Let him know you’re aware that he wants to touch them, lick them, squeeze and knead them. Let him know all of this is in store for him and that your breasts are only his. But be careful not to give them to him too soon. Tease him for some time, lead the game and be aware that they are your breasts and that your man would do anything for them.

Make sure your nipples are erected

Men are crazy about erected nipples, even though they’re under a top, but most of all when they’re right in front of them. If your apartment’s cold, they’ll go hard on their own. If it’s not, make them hard yourself. You can walk straight out of the shower in front of your man, which means they’ll become erected because the living room is, without a doubt, colder than the closed bathroom with the warm water running. You can also squeeze them or put some ice on them and show him the results. This way, you won’t just drive him crazy with your breasts, but with your nipples and areolas as well.

Put whipped cream, oil and chocolate syrup on your breasts

If you really want to make your partner hot, put something sexy on your breasts, like whipped cream, chocolate syrup or baby oil. The sight of your greasy breasts will drive him crazy and really turn him on. Do this with passion and feeling and allow him to lick off the cream and chocolate syrup. If you have big breasts, you can lick some of it yourself and also arouse him with the fact that you’re licking your own nipples. You can combine all of this with some hot stripping, which includes putting things on your breasts. Saliva is great to smear your breasts with. You spit it onto your breasts, smear it around and look very sexy while you’re doing this. Allow the man to spit on them as well and rub his saliva into your breasts with just as much commitment.

Massage your breasts and massage his body with them as well

The sight of a woman massaging her breasts and squeezing her nipples drives many men crazy, so we advise you to do it as well. You can do it as a part of masturbation for him, or you can do it simply to stimulate and excite him. When you’re doing this, have a look full of desire on your face, lick your lips, basically put on a show where your boobies are the main attraction and where your man will be going crazy with desire. When you’re finished with the massage, get to work on his body as well. Stroke his face, chest, back, behind, penis and testicles with your boobies. Take your time and let him feel them on all parts of his body. Before you do this, put some baby oil on them to make them even sexier and in order for them to slide really well.

Finish with intercourse between the breasts

You end the session with intercourse between the breasts. Allow him to literally do it between them and completely let go. Naturally, lick the head of his penis during all this and switch positions. He can be on top of you, or you can sit in such a way that you’re basically squeezing his penis with your boobies and rubbing it just like you were stimulating it with your hand. The conclusion is clear. This means that he should come on your breasts. Spread the sperm around them with commitment and rub it into the nipples and areolas as well. This will excite him even more and prove to him that your boobies are really your main weapon, without which he would be really miserable.


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