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Thursday, 2 February 2012

Want To Lose Weight? Follow Ice Cubes Diet!

Love to eat ice cubes? Here is a good news for you. Eating ice cubes can make you lose those extra pounds. Ice not only gives a cool and soothing effect but the ice cube diet is a simple diet to lose weight too! Wondering how ice can burn body fat? Find out answers...

Ice cube diet to lose weight:

1. When you eat ice cubes, you burn calories and fat from the body. This is because the body increases temperature of the ice to adjust with the body temperature.

2. In an ice cube diet, you are not restricted to limit food intake. Eat whatever you like but chew an ice after the meal. An easy diet to lose weight.

3. Ice cubes with natural appetite inhibitors are more effective for easy weight loss. natural appetite inhibitors such as green tea, caffeine are beneficial for weight loss in ice cube diet.

4. Eating an ice cube controls hunger, an easy way to lose weight. Just have ice cube water with every meal.

5. Just have one serving of crushed ice whenever hungry. This controls your cravings and has zero calories!

6. Ice cube water with crushed ice is healthy for teeth. Ice cube can weaken the teeth so have crushed ice water which are easy to swallow and doesn't require chewing.

7. Although ice cube diet is simple and effective weight loss plan, follow a nutritious and low fat diet to make the process simple and healthy.

8. When you feel you have lost weight, stop eating ice cubes. Too much of ice cubes are harmful for the teeth. Ice can also build cough in throat so don't eat too much ice just to lose weight.

This is how ice cube diet is effective for weight loss.

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