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Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Reasons Why Women Love Or Hate Anal Love

Do women like anal lovemaking? Few women like to make anal love whereas few never wish to try as it is a painful experience. Anal lovemaking can be painful but it is a nice option to spice up love with new style and variety. Here is a brief on what women love and hate about anal lovemaking.

What women love about anal love?

  • The deep penetration makes them feel great and pleasurable
  • Its naughty as the positions can add more sensuality to the mood
  • New variety in orgasm to spice up
  • Ideal for a change
  • Some women love to moan during anal lovemaking
What women hate about anal love?

  • One of the main reasons as to why women hate anal lovemaking is the pain. Penetration in the small back door can be a really painful experience for a woman. This is why women hate to have anal lovemaking. The first time penetration can be really painful but with time it can become loose.
  • Anal love is dirty according to few women as they try hard to maintain the hygiene and appearance in front of the partner and the mess involved in this style makes them stay away from it. Try to start an hour after the bowels are empty of a woman to enjoy the anal style of lovemaking .
  • The hygiene is not proper as most of the times unprotected orgasm leads to spread of infections and bacteria in the genitals.
These are the reasons why women love and hate anal lovemaking. Always put lubricant before starting to make the region slippery and always wear a condom to ensure hygiene. Most importantly, remember to take the approval of the woman before doing the anal style of lovemaking.

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