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Tuesday, 6 March 2012

How To Solve Fights Between Two Kids?

Parents having two kids have to give equal attention and love to both the kids. But when kids resort to fighting then the situation becomes a little difficult. Teenagers are usually have very hot blood. Teenage problems can get complicated, especially with siblings. Where parents must intervene and help them resolve their issues. Some of the parenting tips to solve these kids fights are given below.

1. Do not get unnecessarily involved- Parents, to deal with sibling issues must take care not to interfere unless it is extremely important. Parents involvement in the fight can make it more ugly. They should stay away till it is really needed and they might have to take sides which leads to hard feelings. They should let their kids solve their own issues or just prompt them to come to a mutual agreement.

2. Inculcate good values- Fighting between kids can occur out of petty issues. Try inculcating good values and make them understand the oneness between siblings. Let them understand the worth of being born from same parents and the bond of togetherness. By teaching them etiquette and manners to behave in the very beginning will help them become mature individuals and reduce fights.

3. Avoid giving importance to fights- When parents have two kids then they need to be the 'bond' between the two. When the kids are fighting parents must give no importance to them. Parenting tips involve not to show leniency to any of the two children and they must avoid putting their point of view because that causes more problems.

4. Teenage ego clashes- Teenagers have ego problems. Where parents need to know how to deal with it . Several teenagers get very aggressive and loose their temper very quickly so parents need to know to calm The best way is to know both the sides of the story and then advice them in a very naive way. Teenagers needs to be dealt with a lot of care and affection to avoid issues and make peace within the family.

5. The best way to avoid sibling issues is to keep them busy- Fighting between kids can be avoided by keeping them busy. So try engaging them with activities and mainly let both of them decide things they want to do to kill extra time. These will keep them be occupied. Parents having two kids can divide some household work between them so that they do not interfere in each others matters.

6. Avoid situations causing fights- Fighting between kids can occur in certain situations; anticipate those situations and try avoiding them. For example you prepare one dish which one kid likes and ignore the other kid's preference then it might create a fight. So prepare both their favorites on consecutive days to avoid fights between the two. Kids fighting can be avoided if parents know the reasons and the situations where kids can engage in a fight. So try staying clear of situations which can cause cold vibes and prevent bitter feelings.

These ways can be used to avoid teenage problems

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