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Monday, 19 March 2012

How To Get Pregnant Within A Month?

When you plan to get pregnant, you don't have the patience to try for months! You only want to get pregnant as early as possible. Even after consulting doctors, many couples take months to conceive. To make the process easier, take a look at the easy steps to get pregnant within a month.

5 steps to get pregnant within a month:

Check your menstrual cycle: To conceive, every woman needs to have a regular menstrual cycle. Irregular periods affect your reproductive system. Reading ovulation calender also becomes difficult. Have foods which improve your menstrual cycle.

Maintain ovulation calender: Ovulation is the best time to conceive. If you want to get pregnant fast, keep a track of your ovulating days. This basically falls on the 14th day of menstrual cycle.

Include folic acid in diet: Folic acid is rich in prenatal vitamins. This improves the chances of getting pregnant. Folic acid also reduces the chances of miscarriage or birth defects. Include leafy vegetables, lentils, asparagus, citrus fruits, kidney beans, broccoli and whole grains and cereals in your diet to get pregnant withing a month.

Make love after 2 days gap: Making love everyday reduces the quality and quantity of sperm required to conceive. Also try positions which makes the sperm enter deep inside. For eg; man on top allows deep penetration and makes it easy to conceive.

Workout: Weight affects in conceiving. By working out, you not only lose weight but also makes the body organs active. Blood circulation makes it easy to conceive. To get pregnant fast, workout everyday.

Try these steps to get pregnant fast. It is not difficult to conceive within a month!


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