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Tuesday, 20 March 2012

7 Things Women Hate In Bed During Lovemaking!

When it comes to lovemaking, women have different thoughts and expectations. This makes a man confused and wonder as to what a woman wants in bed! The main reason behind the complicated women's reaction towards lovemaking is that she is shy to express herself. This is why men feel difficult to understand a woman's wants. Whatever the reason be, there are few blunders which men do on bed and these blunders make his woman hate him. Lets check out what women hate in bed:

1. Women hate men who are not passionate in bed. A passionate man can make her feel playful. But too much of passion or too less can make the woman hate a man. So it is best to be neutral. If she is in a mood for lovemaking then be an animal or else just a balanced passionate man.

2. Few women loves to be questioned before performing orgasm but most of the women feel asking questions during intimacy is a big turn off! Women hate being questioned in bed. It is best to choose the moment before asking. If the woman is very shy and it is your first time then ask once or at maximum twice. If she allows in the first time without hesitation then asking again and again will spoil the moment.

3. Women hate men in bed who leaves immediately after the orgasm. Women loves to talk and caress after the session as the orgasm drive of women reduces slowly when compared to men. Whereas a man feels the opposite. He lives after reaching orgasm and this makes the woman hate her man. She feels he just comes to get his cum and then leave her and go.

4. Women hate men in bed who are not wild. It is a man who takes the initiative or approaches for lovemaking and if he is not wild then the woman might feel more bored and shy. It is very important to make the woman feel comfortable if you want a sensual session.

5. Women dislike men who are forceful even after she doesn't want to have a sensual session. There are men who force women to satisfy his physical desires and just use her.

6. Women dislike men who are not expressive during the sensual session. A woman loves to talk dirty during the lovemaking session. To make her feel important and loved, express yourself by telling how good she was and how happy you are to have her in your life!

7. Monotony in lovemaking session makes women lose interest. To maintain the passion and interest in orgasm, experiment by trying new positions to spice up every lovemaking session.

Women hate all these activities of men in bed so be careful to make her feel comfortable and loved.

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