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Monday, 27 February 2012

How Ensure You Have A Vaginal Birth?

Even in the modern day and age when medical science is advanced enough to do planned caesarean deliveries, doctors and mothers alike prefer vaginal birth. It is not like we are suggesting that try to have an induced labour but it is always better to have a normal deliver whenever possible. Recovery postnatal is faster and chances of birth defects too come down drastically.

So what can you do from your end to ensure that you have a vaginal delivery. No rocket science, just a few lifestyle changes are enough.

Ways To Have A Vaginal Birth:

1. Be Healthy: You have to endure that your general health is in perfect working condition so that you can bear the shock and exhaustion of a normal delivery. They say that delivering a baby is like pulling 40 elephants together so firstly you have to garner that kind of energy to push the baby out. If you are suffering from malnutrition then it makes things complicated.
2. Eat Well And Eat Right: You may have heard it a million times but we will still have to say again that eating to satisfy hunger or craving is not enough. You have to follow the diet given to you by your doctor to fulfill your nutritional needs. Pregnancy is a drain on your iron and calcium reserves; you have to have buffer stored to get your through the bleeding of child birth.

3. Drink Lots Of Water: The more water there is in better, the better it is for your amniotic sack. Remember that your baby is in a water bag so the fluids will your baby re energize. 8 to 10 glasses of water per day is a must.

4. Be Mobile: Gone are the days when pregnant women were told to sit at home and rest for 9 months. You are pregnant not sick. You have keep going about your work normally so that you body is in a mobile condition. Battle varicose veins and backaches to keep moving till the last day of your term. This increases your chances of a normal delivery phenomenally.

5. Prenatal Exercises: You need to join classes that help you move the muscles of your body and stay in a good position to deliver normally. Especially the exercise that involves flexing your vaginal muscles is very useful when it comes to giving the final push to the baby.
6. Birth Classes: Just physical preparation is not enough. You need to be mentally prepared to face labour pain. For that there are birth classes with every hospital these days. We are usually scared on the unknown so the counselor tells all there is to know about vaginal birth. Do not pester your doctor to plan a c section just because you fear labour pain.

These are the lifestyle changes you can try to have a vaginal birth.

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