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Monday, 27 February 2012

Abdominal Reconditioning Post Pregnancy

It isn't very easy to rebuild your core after pregnancy. The month by month stretching of abdomen will not get toned in a short period of time. But a new mother's lifestyle needs to adopt abdominal exercises post pregnancy as the flexible tummy can be pulled behind much easily than later. Since the baby takes all the nutrition and fat from mother, it is time for her to reduce gradually and get to the orginal shape. Take a look for more.

The traverse abdominal muscles is the deepest muscle and its toning will have to top your postpartum workout. Here are some simple abdominal exercises for post pregnancy fitness.

Best Abdominal Exercises For Post Pregnancy Period

1. Simple Breathing Exercise - To start with, lie on the floor with arms resting on ground and knees bent. Hold your tummy with breath contraction and relax after a few seconds. Doing this for 5 -10 minutes will help you to tone your stomach muscles.

2. For your next exercise, you need to lift on of your legs and rest the knee on the other. Extending knee on the other leg and pushing your tummy inside and relaxing after a few seconds will make you feel contractions even better and is more effective. Also do it by lifting the other leg.

3. Your third exercise is a continuation of the second. While you relax on ground, life both legs (knees bent) upwards and breath out and in for a 8 to 12 times. You can try to lift your face with the in and out exercise (this makes it a little tougher).

4. Under fourth, you will try to lift your legs to the ceiling, this gets easier by practice. Try doing as much as you can, this will definitely recondition your abdominal muscles and also help you relax after a day long strain. If you felt any pain in the back, restrict to third or fourth exercise (according to comfort).

Remember that these exercises are for those who have undergone normal vaginal delivery. Ceasarean section mothers need to follow these exercises only after the doctor's recommend.

C-section mothers should avoid carrying heavy stuff and do workout as long as the doctors call it normal. They can only carry babies.

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