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Monday, 10 October 2011

Here are certain theories why do people kiss!

Everyone likes to kiss. But why do people kiss in the first place? Read more to know.

Why do people kiss? Theories...

1. Kissing addiction: It sounds as if this is a conspiracy theory because this theory explains how we’re all addicted to a chemical produced by the human body and secreted by the lips. So, supposedly we kiss only to get enough of this substance. We could also call this primal addiction.

2. Kiss of the soul: A much more elegant, but not very believable theory comes from a belief that people used to think that the breath contains the soul and the power of an individual. Exchanging the breath when kissing meant nothing more than the marriage of two souls. It’s a very romantic thought, which you can also use when trying to seduce someone.

3. Kissing equals sniffing: Many anthropologists believe that kissing is nothing more to a human than sniffing each other is for animals. Both things are a kind of greeting and both have the same consequences. From the viewpoint of communication, it is said that kissing a stranger doesn’t mean nearly as much as kissing someone we know.

4. Kissing to get laid: Perhaps the theory of sniffing makes some sense if we consider that humans have lost many primal, natural abilities through the process of evolution. Every warm-blooded animal (and many types of fish) secretes sexual chemicals through the skin. The pheromones trigger an instant reaction with the opposite sex.

If, for example, a female salmon which is ready to spawn swims past a male ready for sex, the male will get past all obstacles to get to the female. We’re only talking about pheromones, or a “smell”, which makes the salmon go totally crazy.

5. Kissing memories: The theories which are also very convincing contain the old belief of constantly returning to the female breasts. This makes us think that a kiss is only a moment which brings us back to the time of perfect satisfaction, when we used to suck on our mother’s breasts as babies. In those days, food meant love for us.

From the very start then, lips enable us the most primal way of communication. Without this way of kissing with sucking, we would become hungry and would begin feeling unloved.

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