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Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Now, a headband that boosts your sleep and sex life!

Those who have been concerned that the sleep they are getting may not be of great quality and is hampering their productivity as a result, can now find their answers in a new headband and iPhone app released by Zeo, Inc., the revolutionary sleep management company.

The technology offers the first way to measure ‘exactly how you slept,’ its inventor, Ben Rubin, told the Daily Mail.

Rubin claims the gizmo can even improve your sex life.

The headband has two silver patches to monitor your brain waves, and show whether you are in ‘deep sleep’ or are dreaming.

The app even offers advice on what might be disturbing your sleep, from snoring partners to over-lit bedrooms.

The gadget measures tiny electrical impulses in your skin that reflect what’s going on in your brain - ‘scoring’ you with a ‘ZQ’ score for how much deep sleep and REM sleep you get.

“If you’re a young, healthy person, you should be scoring 100,” says Rubin.

The app is easy to read, with different colour bars representing different ‘types’ of sleep.

It also offers sleep advice if you feed it with data such as your caffeine intake.

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