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Thursday, 29 September 2011

New Study: Salt Intake not a Cause of Heart Disease

Now there is a new study that debunks the age old belief that too much salt is bad for our health. According to this study which has been conducted at the University of Exeter, although cutting down on salt does lower blood pressure but it is a temporary benefit. Reduced salt intake has no effect on heart disease according to the study.

For this new study, researchers drew data from seven other separate researches conducted which in total reviewed around 6500 people. These people were told to reduce their daily salt intake from 8 to 9 mg to around 4 mg. It was noted that although within six months there was a miniscule reduction in the blood pressure of the people, there was no long term benefit. It was of special interest that salt intake did not affect cardiovascular health too. A reduction in daily salt intake did not reverse the threat of heart diseases including heart attacks.

This study is in direct collision with what has been propagated for long. However, as of now this theory that too much salt does not have any effect on heart disease is not set in stone. It requires further enquiry in terms of research so that its validity can be conclusively proven.


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