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Thursday, 29 September 2011

Kidneys to treat Heart Failure

Heating kidney treatment has been earlier used by medical professionals to cure high blood pressure related issues. A team at the Imperial College of London has come up with this unique theory that if the kidneys of a heart patient are heated with high energy waves then nerve signals between the brain and the kidneys are truncated. This is important because many symptoms of heart failure are linked to signals that are sent by the kidneys to the heart in times of trouble.

According to the study if these nerve signals are cut short by heating the kidneys, the brain will not receive signals that prompt it to increase the heart rate and blood pressure. This puts a lot of pressure on the heart causing fatigue and stress. This method of treating heart failure with heating kidneys will stop the body from going into emergency mode all the time and will also help curb adrenaline rushes.

As of now researchers are getting ready for the trial sessions for the heating kidneys method of heart failure treatment. In this trial, an electric probe will be inserted into an artery that is close to the kidney. Radio frequency waves will be produced by this probe and they will heat the kidney by at least 20 degrees.

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