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Friday, 30 October 2009

Women's View on Penis Size

Whether you accept it or not, penis size has always be an issue for a very long time now. But it seems of recent the issue of penile size seems to be growing bigger in the minds of both women and men. Why is that? Well the mass media (films and TV) now portray so many instances where a relationship breaks up mainly because of the man's small penis. Nowadays there are various pharmaceutical companies claiming to have wonder penis enlargement products and sexual enhancers to help solve penile size problems faced by men. But one thing comes to your mind if you are thinking of increasing the size of your penis: do women really care about the size of a man's penis?

Considering the two angles on whether size matters, we have women who would not have sex with any man with a small or an average penis and women who don't believe that penile size matters when it comes to having sex. Although most sex therapist would say that penis size issue is just a male obsession because of the simple fact that a woman's most sensitive sexual nerves are concentrated around the vagina's opening. This only means that penis length is less of an issue, but a bigger penis girth is much more preferable. Even though penis length is not as important as penis girth most men still want a longer penis (and also a thicker penis also) and I can guess having a bigger penis would definitely increase your self-esteem like it does for men who have increased their penis size.

One thing all women would generally agree when it comes to penis size is that a longer and a thicker penis feels much better than a small or an average penis. But this is not to say that if you have an average penis you cannot satisfy your woman, Of course you can but it feels different as a small or an average penis still feels inadequate for most women. The feeling of fullness experienced by women when having sex with a man with a bigger penis is something most women would always cherish.

There is no point having a televised debate on whether penis size matters to women, although different tastes varies among women. One thing is certain women would always prefer a man who can make sex extremely enjoyable for them. And it seems men with bigger penis have much more sexual confidence than men with small or average penile sizes. This only means that well endowed men are more open to try different sex positions and focus their attention on giving their lovers a wonderful time in the bedroom.

Do you have a big penis? If you don't and you would love the self-esteem and benefits that comes with being a well-endowed male, then there is good news for you. Herbal penis enlargement pills and penis enlargement exercises are the best methods of penis enhancement available currently. The herbal pills stimulate penile tissues to increase their sizes while the penis exercises stretch and expand the penile tissues enabling them to increase their sizes. A combination of these two methods is sure to give you a bigger penis in the shortest possible time. Why be stuck with what nature has given you when you can get the penis size you have always dreamt of

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