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Friday, 30 October 2009

The Hottest Sex Tips on the Planet

Sure, we American chicks know how to give and get toe-curling thrills in bed, but there are still a few frisky things we could learn from booty-lovin' babes abroad. With the help of Cosmo editors and readers around the world (there are a whopping 50 international editions of Cosmopolitan) and some of the top cross-cultural sex experts, we've rounded up the steamiest secrets on earth. Dig in to snag the confidence and hot bedroom habits of foreign bombshells.
Always rushing through the arousal stages of sex is a shagging shame. "In many cultures, seduction begins long before a couple gets to the bedroom," says Amy Sueyoshi, PhD, assistant professor of human sexuality and ethnic studies at San Francisco State University. "The mere knowledge that a sexual encounter is about to happen can be a huge turn-on." So take a cue from Korean women: "Before the sex act even begins, our readers will blindfold their boyfriends with scarves and then tantalize them by slowly dragging silk over their bodies from head to toe, lingering extra long around his pelvis area," says Kyung-Hae Yoon, editor of Cosmo in Korea. Kick this move up a notch by sliding the silk back and forth under his testicles while he's standing, and he'll be seeing stars. Extending the amount of fun you have before actual intercourse makes sex feel more like an all-night party than a flash in the pan, which is exactly why India's famous Kama Sutra has entire chapters devoted to kissing, caressing, and oral sex. Another thing to keep in mind: There's no rule that says you can't have an orgasm during foreplay. "Whether it's done manually or orally, women should encourage men to take them all the way before intercourse even begins," says Sueyoshi. Have your guy stimulate your G-spot by inserting his finger into your vagina and applying pulsing pressure to the front (belly side) wall while he rhythmically strokes your clitoris with his tongue. Doing-it divas in countries like Australia, Israel and South Africa aren't afraid to turn the tables when it comes to traditional sex roles. "Aussie women don't get hung up on what's considered 'feminine' or not — they generally have no problem initiating sex with a man they're attracted to," says Gabrielle Morrissey, PhD, an Australian sex expert and author of Urge: Hot Secrets for Great Sex. Clearly, patience is not a virtue when getting it on Down Under: According to a survey in Australian Cosmo, 38 percent of readers have gotten it on with a guy within 24 hours of meeting him. Israeli and South African women are just as likely to go after what they want. "In Israel, women join the army at the age of 18, and their fast, high-adrenaline lifestyle spills over into their sex lives," says Lea Kantor-Matarrasso, the editor of Israeli Cosmo. There's no doubt that instant gratification can sometimes be the best kind, so attack your boyfriend (or newly acquired boy toy) the very second you get the urge. Pin him against the wall with one hand (holding his hands over his head) and press your breasts and hips against him hard while unbuckling his pants with the other. Once his member jumps to attention, pull him down onto the floor on top of you. "It's a myth that whoever is on top is always in control," says Morrissey. "By thrusting your hips up and down, placing your hands on his butt, pulling him into you and kissing him hard, you can direct the action." That's not to say you shouldn't go for a ride. Try pushing him onto a chair, unzipping his pants, going down on him for a few seconds, then climbing on. He won't know what hit him, but he'll be happy as hell. For the ultimate in rough 'n' ready fun, try one of South African Cosmo readers' favorite bed games, called the Randy Wrestling Roll. Start by lying on your side facing each other, with your thigh flung over his hip, and guide his penis inside you, then entangle your arms and legs and start rolling around on the bed or carpet as you thrust into each other. The goal? See who can end up on top most often — but in this game, everybody wins.

Bonus: Intercourse after having an orgasm can be incredibly intense because your hot spots are already sensitized.

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