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Thursday, 13 August 2009

Hot or not? Best and Worst foods for your sex drive

It's no secret that the unhealthy American diet is contributing to an epidemic of obesity. But there's another hidden epidemic that our fatty diets are at the root of: A national sex crisis.

One of the big culprits, for both men and women, is obesity. As a person's weight soars, their libido plummets due to biochemical changes that result in diminished bloodflow. That extra weight also hinders their ability to have children — with men, it's damaged sperm; with women, it's ovulation problems.

The good news: With some simple changes to your diet, courtesy of "Eat This, Not That!", you can revitalize your sex life. How? First, as you consume filling foods with fewer calories, you'll begin to shed the weight that's dragging down your desire. Then, because these foods also contain ingredients and nutrients that strategically boost sexual attraction and performance, you'll squeeze even more satisfaction out of each and every sexual encounter.

Order the latest, most up-to-date version of the best-selling weight-loss series: "Eat This, Not That! Best (and Worst!) Foods in America!"

Take the "Hot or Not" food quiz and find out which foods will spark your sex drive and which will throw a wet towel on them.

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