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Sunday, 30 August 2009

Add Quality To Your Sex Life

You may be having a large quantity of sex but that does not mean you are leading a quality sex life.

Instead of going for a frequent and boundless sex you can consider having one or two sex sessions in a pre-planned manner so as to derive immense sexual pleasure and filling excitement in your sex life.

Quality sex will naturally boost your desire for having frequent sex in the long run. So, do not simply focus on the quantity in the beginning; rather think of how to derive maximum pleasure out of infrequent sexual intimacy.

In order to fill quality in your sex life the first and foremost requirement for you and your partner is to be open and communicative to each other. Remember that communication is the key to a healthy sexual relationship.

Make your partner aware of your likes and dislikes so that he or she can know as to how to make session pleasurable and enjoyable for both of you.

Before having sex talk to each other over any sex novels, lovemaking scenes in movie or any story on sex so as to make your lovemaking session exciting.

Remember that quality sex is not something that you can achieve through hurried rush; rather spare time to relax by sharing wine and massaging each other. By giving message you both of you will be able to explore hot spots on each other that are needed for pleasurable and exciting sexual intimacy.

Another essential requirement to achieve quality sex is to fill sex session with some spices and variety. Enjoy all intimate things and do foreplay till half an hour before having intercourse.

Make sex an important part of your life. Remember that your sexual health is one of the most essential requirements for your physical and emotional well being.

Practice exercises to remain sexually fit and energetic. Women can perform Kegel exercises while men should perform exercises to give proper shape to their muscles which in turn will help them control their ejaculations.

Do not forget to include sexual fantasy in your sex life. According to sex therapists fantasy is the most important aspect of human sexuality.

You and your partner must spice up sex life by using videos and masturbation besides performing erotic dance and bondage.

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