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Tuesday, 31 July 2012

What is Wild And Mild Sex?

For many people wild sex is the best but, for others mild sex is the ideal one. Why? It all depends on the choice and fantasies that makes you like a certain type of lovemaking. Well there are many men who only prefer wild sex over mild one. But, a majority of women love to have sex in the mild way that is filled with romance and gentleness. What actually is wild and mild sex? Find out the difference between the two.

Wild sex:

In this type of sex, the passion and individual pleasure takes the toll. You control the session according to your way. In short, you are not under the normal modes of behaviour as you are carried away by the drive. It is the passionate sex that is erotic and has lot of pleasurable pain. Screaming, moaning, too much of pressure, scratching and biting are few ways to characterize this type of sex. The thrill of sex in this form makes it totally a hot session. Being dirty, free and comfortable is what makes a sex wild. When you are not under the boundations of throwing an impression but only concerned about satisfying each other, then you end up having a wild sex. Many couples admit that they make wild love when they meet each other after a long time. If there is a gap in the sex life, then the passion is at its peak. The curiosity and the urge to have sex makes it an erotic session. Wild sex is adventurous as you are always in the urge to have sex in a variety of ways. Make sure that your partner is ready to have wild sex. It is because, many women feel wild sex is cheap, desperate or looks like your partner is raping you. So, make sure your woman is comfortable with it.

Mild sex:

In this type of sex, you are slow. You enjoy all the actions with each other. Be it a gentle kiss or fast paced sex, it is all done keeping in mind that the partner doesn't hurt each other while enjoying pleasure. When compared to wild sex, mild lovemaking has a gentle approach. Most of the women love this form of sex because it makes them enjoy the intimate moments to the fullest. Also pain reduces when you engage in a mild sex. Women feel that having a mild sex shows how caring your partner is. But, many couples believe that mild sex only happens when either of the one is uncomfortable or doesn't like too much of desperateness. Women love romance over sex so mild sex is more preferred by them.

Which type of sex do you like to have? Wild and erotic sex or mild and lovely intimate lovemaking session?


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