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Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Breast implants make sex more enjoyable for women?

Women who undergo breast enlargements derive more pleasure in the bedroom post-surgery, a new study has revealed. Of the women who participated in the online survey by, 61 percent said that they were having more sex. And even more significantly, 70 percent admitted
that their sex life satisfaction had remarkably improved since their enlargements.

Real Self, a ‘community for sharing and learning about cosmetic surgeries’, conducted the poll over a two week period and asked breast augmentation patients to rate their sex experiences since their operations.

The findings showed that those who had undergone enhancements or contouring were able to achieve orgasm more easily and were overall more easily aroused.

“The poll results are not surprising. I see a transformation in what patients wear and how they carry themselves in the office after having a breast augmentation,” the Daily Mail quoted Dr. Andrew P. Trussler M.D., a plastic surgeon in the Dallas area, and Plastic Surgery Assistant Professor for the University of Texas, as telling the website.

“In my personal observation, women definitely feel more confident after the procedure, and you can easily see how that improved confidence will lead to improvements in other areas of their lives,” he said.

A source corroborated the findings of the survey saying that the enhancement enables one to enjoy the sexual experience more freely.

“I completely agree with this because if there has always been a part of your body that you’ve felt self-conscious about while in an intimate situation, then that definitely affects your confidence and therefore ability to relax and enjoy yourself,” the source said.

“After having gone from an 32A cup to a 32FF, all of a sudden, the part of my body that had always been an embarrassment to me, became something that I was proud of and could feel confident while being with a partner.

“It is not just about the ability to impress a man. It’s about feeling self-confident within, which enables you to enjoy a sexual experience more freely and uninhibited,” the source said.

Almost one million women in the U.S. have received breast enhancements in the last three years that cost between 6-10,000 dollars.

On a scale of 1-10, 28 percent of the women who took part in the survey admitted that their sex lives had improved by more four points and 7.5 in 10 said the procedure was ‘worth it’.

“I don’t believe breasts are just for a man’s pleasure. If a woman embraces her own body and feels empowered by it, then she will enjoy herself more,” the source added.

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