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Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Tips To Stop Your Baby From Crying

Babies need attention and utmost care from the parents. Only a new mother knows how difficult it is to handle a baby all day and night. The mother do not even realise how the day goes by caring for her newborn. You have to keep changing their wet clothes, breastfeed them, play with them, and so on. But, the worst situation comes when the baby starts crying. No mother can see her child crying. You have to soothe the crying baby immediately. But how? Try these easy tips to divert your baby's mind and to stop your young child from crying.

5 tips to stop your baby from crying:

Use toys: You must have brought too many toys to entertain your baby. To stop your baby from crying, pick up some toys to divert the baby's mind. For example, just rotate the toy in front of the crying baby's eyes. Babies get bored with the toy easily so keep 3-5 toys in front of them. Use a movable toy or a sound toy in different ways, to divert the baby's mind.

Sing aloud: If you start singing or make some noise, the baby will stop crying. It is a diversion from a bad to a happy mood. You can also clap your hands while singing to settle down a crying baby. Lullabies are ideal for new mothers to sing and divert the baby's attention.

Take them out: When the baby starts crying, you have to change your background. Take them outside the room or house for a few minutes. New places and sights divert the baby's mind within seconds and also makes them feel better. Change the irritated mood of your baby by taking him/her out when they are crying. New faces and place can make a baby happy instantly.

Divert with activities: To stop a baby from crying, you have to divert his/her mind as mentioned above already. Show them colourful fish in the aquarium or make some sound with utensils. Television can divert their mind in seconds. Make sure you keep the baby at a distance to protect the eye sight of the young one. Keep changing channels to distract the baby.

Feed: Sometimes, the baby starts crying due to boredom but, most of the times, the young one cries when hungry. It is a sign to tell that he/she is hungry. Breastfeed the baby by cradling him or her in your arms. If the baby rejects to drink, roam around with him/her and make some pleasing sounds to soothe the restless baby.

Try these simple tips to divert your baby and stop him/her from crying.

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