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Thursday, 10 May 2012

Drink pomegranate juice daily `to boost sexual desire`

Want to boost your sex drive? Forget pills. Just drink a glass of pomegranate juice daily -- at least for 15 days, says a new study.

Researchers at Queen Margaret University in Edinburgh have found that men and women who drank a daily glass of the fruit juice for a fortnight experienced a surge in the hormone testosterone, which increases sexual desire in both genders.

The study involved 58 volunteers aged between 21 and 64. By the end of the fortnight both sexes had seen "significantly increased" testosterone levels. For men this affects traits such as facial hair, a deep voice and greater sexual urges.

It is also produced in female adrenal glands and ovaries, raising a woman`s sex drive and strengthening bones and muscles, says the study.

As a side effect, increased testosterone can help raise mood and memory and even relieve stress such as "pre-match nerves" or stage fright, according to the researchers.

The Edinburgh research measured testosterone levels, blood pressure and, using a scientific scale, levels of 11 emotions including fear, sadness, guilt, shyness and self- assurance, a newspaper reported.

Testosterone levels increased between 16 per cent and 30 per cent among the subjects, while blood pressure plummeted. Positive emotions rose and negative feelings fell.

Previous research on pomegranate juice has found it full of antioxidants which can help ward off heart diseases and help blood circulation.

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