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Saturday, 14 April 2012

How to tell him he is a bad lover?

How to confess to your partner that he does not sexually satisfy you in bed or that he is even a bad lover? Which is the most appropriate way to do it?

Talk to your partner after intercourse

If you are in bed with a bad lover then you should confess it to him as soon as possible, but still not to early. Do not tell him right after the first intercourse because he might have been nervous, under pressure to prove himself or it was just a coincidence. If it happens more often then you should tell him the truth but not during the intercourse itself.

If you face him with the truth right in the middle of intercourse it will come out as very rude. He will assume you are only thinking of how bad he is during the love making and how to end it as soon as possible. After the intercourse, a kiss, a hug and a shower, you should tell him the truth but be careful to choose the right approach.

Be honest but keep a positive attitude

It is definitely not easy to tell someone he is a bad lover and it takes a lot of patience, honesty and a careful choice of words. It is important that you focus on the most positive things about your partner`s performance even though it is his smell, sexy underwear , enthusiasm, sweet kisses, etc. Point out anything that was positive or at least something that wasn`t entirely bad. Then you should carefully prepare him for the less pleasant part of the conversation.

Do not start accusing him of being a bad lover or make fun of him because it will completely destroy his ego. Do not emphasize that he is a bad lover because he will start to think that he is really, really bad. Try to stress the sexual positions or the approach that you do not like, and be very specific. Let him know that the problem lies in his methods and that you are convinced he could improve. You should also advice him how to approach the matter the next time you have intercourse.

Transform a bad lover into a great one

Have an honest conversation where you describe in detail what kind of touches and words feel good to you, what tempo and positions, etc. Do not be strict and demanding while describing but try to turn the conversation into a naughty sex game where you are the teacher and your lover is an obedient pupil.

This approach can help your partner to become an excellent lover. You will have to be in charge at the beginning so that your partner relaxes a bit and the atmosphere is not so serious. It also helps if you laugh at your own account or even criticize yourself a little. At the end of the conversation you can also say to him: `` I know I`m a bit weird and I have different taste than you but this feels really good to me.`` In this way your partner will feel more relaxed and it will give him hope for the future.

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