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Friday, 10 February 2012

Try These Positions To Get Pregnant!

Lovemaking positions to get pregnant fast:

Man on top:
This is not only one of the most commonly preferred lovemaking position for couples but effective to conceive fast. This is mainly because the position allows deeper penetration therefore making the sperm enter easily.

Woman legs on shoulders: Also known as missionary position, in this lovemaking position, the legs of the woman are rested on the shoulders of the man to allow the sperm to enter inside after the intercourse. The sperm flows easily into the uterus which makes it easy to get pregnant.

Doggy style: The man enters from behind the woman who sits like a dog. This lovemaking position to get pregnant is highly effective because the semen gets deposited near the curvix increases the chances to conceive fast.

Side: Few couples find this lovemaking position effective to get pregnant faster. Relaxation is also important and the position after reaching orgasm doesn't need to change therefore making the sperm travel easily.

These are the 4 best lovemaking positions to get pregnant fast. To conceive, keep the hips of the woman little up so that th sperm doesn't come out. You can either place a pillow in few positions such as man on top and missionary to allow the sperm to enter easily. The woman should not get up immediately after the intercourse. She should lie for 20-25 minutes so that the sperm enters inside. It is best to try during the ovulation period.

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