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Friday, 3 February 2012

A kiss is the most intimate element of intercourse

A kiss is much more than just the exchange of saliva.

Because we all kiss, we’ve all wondered what happens to our bodies during a kiss. A kiss is often described as the arousal of our lust. It has a delightful, delicious and healing effect on our bodies. A kiss is an act of a sort of serene intimacy and it often stirs something erotic in a person. The duration plays an important role: a kiss can be short, cold, calm and refreshing, it can be long and fiery, with lots of saliva and it can also be loud.

Different kisses have different effects. If a kiss is very romantic, more saliva is produced and there’s a great deal of emotions and passion involved. You’re literally devouring the other person and hardly allow him/her to breathe. If the passion’s gone, then it’s time to talk to yourself, or plan a new attack of lust. Why is it not a good idea to neglect the meaning of a kiss? Let me first make a detour, so that I can explain this more precisely. Female prostitutes agree that when they “sell” their bodies, they don’t feel like they’re completely giving away their intimacy. That’s because they don’t allow their clients to kiss them! Yes, that’s right: a kiss represents the most intimate element of intercourse. The intercourse as an act plays a side role to the kiss. Kissing is an elementary process, when the love between two people communicates in a specific way through two sets of lips. Kissing has a big effect on the quality of your relationship.

A kiss is a secret that happens to the mouth of another person, but without depriving the auditory organs. Kisses transmit wonderful messages of love and happiness. True, in essence this is just physical contact, but this contact has more meaning when it comes to your partner. The interpretation becomes even more important if a kiss is absent, when you no longer share it. And yes, a kiss is an invisible bond which enables love to be expressed on a non-verbal level. Be focused and calm when you breathe. Pay attention to the electric charge building inside your body. We don’t think that a kiss is necessarily a part of foreplay. It’s an individual element, but a lot of people tend to forget this.

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