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Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Get Slim & Trim Without Dieting!!

We often find our friends and family members crib about sacrificing eating just because its high calorie and doesn't suit their diet plan. But the surprising fact is that they don't need to get choosy about food and timings. Here is a plan that will help many obese men and women to get rid of their extra pounds without any effort or stressful sacrifice. Take a look.

Tips To Slim Without Dieting
1. Use Smaller Plates For Eating – This is one of the ideal ways to lose fat as you cannot dump too much food in your plate. Your laziness will prevent you from refilling and satisfy hunger pangs with little meal. Eating less is always good as the body absorbs all nutrients and prevents from fat accumulation.
2. Chewing Process – With every bite of food, try to chew as much as you can. The more you chew the less strain to your digestive system. The exercise will gradually reduce your eating amount. It will be a good exercise to face.

3. Let The Food Intake (every bite) In Small Proportions – Big pieces of food are always difficult to chew so have with smaller spoons. This will not only help you with weight loss but also maintains your secret technique to slim.
4. Start Your Meal With Salads And Soups – Always begin your meal with fresh cut vegetables and fruits. The antioxidant, vitamin rich and mineral rich foods will provide all the necessary nutrition and keep away carbs, fried food and sugars away.
5. Take A Walk, Cycle Or Climb Up Stairs Whenever You Can – After meal, try to walk a few yards or take stairs. This will help the stubborn fat deposits (cholesterol) reduce.
The mantra of staying slim and trim is not by giving what you like but by taking care of the amount you eat. That's the secret of many, that's the secret of happy life.

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