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Friday, 10 February 2012

Can Men Get Pregnant?

I'm sure many would remember an episode where Oprah Winfrey talked about the “ first pregnant man”. When we asked the gynac's whether this was possible, many had the same answer and that was 'yes'. Today, we will discuss on the most abnormal thing on earth which is possible so that it will help many homosexuals who dream of having a baby. Take a look.

With this, many men who love to make babies with men can have a hope of doing so. This also means that the nature is not against the gay relationship but only the humans have built their own prison of rules and force every individual to follow them. Here's is more how men can get pregnant.

When women are blessed to have a baby through IVF, even men are so lets see more on what science has to say about this. There is a feasibility of fertilizing human eggs externally (through a petri dish) and place the embryos back into women (for the gestate term).

Many scientists also argue that there isn't a necessity of uterus for the human fetus to develop. In many cases the fertilized egg hasn’t made to the uterus and has developed in the wide open space of the abdomen called the peritoneal cavity. This type of pregnancy is been called as the abdominal pregnancy. With this, it proves that a woman is necessarily not required for a fetus development. If you remember the Arnold Schwarzenegger's Junior (1995 film), the idea of men getting pregnant is based on this idea.

If a woman's abdomen can act as a womb then why not a man's. So, the theory proves that men can get pregnant and deliver babies through ceasarean section. But the process is a life threatening condition and can lead to many known and unknown complications.

The uterus has many properties, the main one being the endometrial lining which lacks in the abdominal pregnancy. The lining helps in detaching the placenta at the time of birth. The lining prevents the fetus development using host tissues and organs. The use of maternal tissues that support the organs may cause hemorrhage and even death.

With this, it can be said that male pregnancy is not impossible but critical. Although it is not an easy option the reproductive biologists suggest that in the near future, the creation of the placental lining may also become possible and can increase the chance of the abdominal pregnancy.

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