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Saturday, 25 February 2012

5 Best Apparels During & After Pregnancy

Shopping for pregnancy clothes is the biggest challenge that most mothers face. The apparels are quite expensive and buying them for every month can worry and waste money. Today, we will suggest a few pregnancy fashion tips that can be worn before and after pregnancy. Take a look at the ideas and get smarter with motherhood.

Pregnancy Clothes For Before & After

1. Elastic Or Side Cut Dresses: Salwars, kurtis, dresses, long tops can be a good choice if they have side cuts. These dresses will fit you with the growing bump and even after delivery. If they are slim and loose fit, they can easily worn for many many years.

2. Leggings & Jeggings: These are the most comfortable pants to prefer. They stretch however and provide extra comfort. Cotton & lycra leggings are durable, light and available in all colours. They can be matched with kurtis, long tops and salwars.

Those who like wearing denims/ slim jeans can choose jeggings as the virtually look like jeans, they stretch and are as light as cotton pants. They can be worn with any top and are truly versatile in fashion.

3. Lycra & Pure Cotton Tee-shirts: Lycra is boon to pregnant women as they are flexible and suit any personality. Tee-shirts and tops in cotton, lycra look cool and trendy. They aren't very expensive and are available in Asian countries for throw away prices.

4. Sarees: Many Indian women agree that sarees are better than any maternity dresses. They can be worn on the waist or tummy (set accordingly). Sarees are comfortable as the pleats can be reduced or increased depending on the baby bump. They can still be a part of your normal wardrobe, as they will fit you after the baby delivery.

5. Poncho: Poncho's are best for winter wear. Sweaters do stretch and cover your bump (your baby may feel cold). Poncho's provide you that comfort and are designed to fit women of all shapes and sizes.

The pregnancy clothes are pampering so buy them, enjoy wearing them when you are pregnant. And after nine months, simply move to it your normal wardrobe and continue wearing.

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