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Friday, 27 January 2012

The negative side of unusual places for intercourse

Have you had sexual intercourse in an unusual place and still decided that the best place is your bed?

Is comfortable sex really the best sex?

In a moment of passion, the bedroom and bed are sometimes too far away and you have sex wherever you are, if possible. Unusual places for sexual intercourse can, without doubt, be extremely arousing, but they also have disadvantages, among which the most common is an uncomfortable position of the body, often causing various pains as well as bruises, abrasions and scratches. There are many unusual places for sex that the couple expects to provide additional sexual excitement, but they may prove to be a very bad choice. While some people experiment with different unusual places, others believe in the comfort of their bed.

Water in the vagina

Hot summer days are a strong stimulant for hot summer nights and adventures. Your partner’s almost naked body warmed up by the summer sun and cooled down by the cold water in the pool or sea can quickly arouse your naughty imagination and sometimes even lead to a ‘quickie’ in the water. Arousal is increased because of the presence of other people who have no idea what’s going on around them. No matter how pleasant the whole adventure is, women often feel uncomfortable because of the water in the vagina, pushed inside by the penis.

Tics, bugs, roots and thorns

Besides the sea, many couples like to enjoy summer says by indulging in a discreet adventure in a forest, which is a bit fairytale-like place to have sexual intercourse, but the fairytale can quickly turn into scratching, biting, blistered parts of the body and impulsive jumps as a result of ants, tics, bugs, spiders and coarse grass or a tree root. A hints to all the ‘Robinson Crusoes’: always keep a blanket in your car.

The view of a toilet bowl in a public lavatory during sex?

Sexual intercourse is an act that can be disrupted in a moment by a mere change in the sexual position, let alone the view of something disgusting, for instance, a toilet bowl. Although many people have, without doubt, grabbed their partner’s hand in a moment of passion, pulled him or her into the nearest public toilet and had a wild sex, the negative side of this spot, besides the limited number of sexual positions, is the view of a toilet bowl on which hundreds of people seat every day.

The coccyx, back and wood are a bad combination

Those who love to have sexual intercourse in unusual places have, without doubt, also tested the kitchen table or any other table. Normally, you would imagine a man who leans his partner against the edge of the table, takes off her clothes, sits her on the table and makes her lie down by kissing her, then he grasps her thighs and butt and gives her his hot flesh. Fantasises about sex on the table, however, rarely include unpleasant rubbing of the coccyx and back against the hard surface of the table, resulting in bruises and pain. The same happens if you have sex on the floor.

Bruised knees aren’t sexy

When you go for a walk with your partner in the park and decide to take a rest for a moment or two and sit on the nearest bench, it’s inadvisable to have intercourse there. Namely, the best position on a bench is when the woman sits on top of the man, meaning that she feels pains in her tibia and knees because she constantly rubs them against the wooden boards.

Train toilet

The negative side of a train toilet is an awful smell, lack of space and the floor moving under your feet.

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