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Wednesday, 11 January 2012

How To Have An Orgasm Quickly?

Well most often a quick orgasm is not very desirable. It might leave one or both partners unsatisfied. For a man it can also be taken as an insult. However, it is not like there is no room for you to enjoy lovemaking in a haste. With the increasing work pressure in our lives and the onslaught of one night stands, the concept of those 'five minutes in your lover's arms' will disappear. Soon all we will be having are quickies.

Why Would You Want A Quick Orgasm?

  • Sometimes you are making love inappropriate places like the back seat of a car or the back end of a disc and you need to get done with it quickly.
  • You could also be making love in an apartment you share with someone who will be home soon.
  • Sometimes you get into the groove just before you are going to travel or leave for work and then you need to make it quick.
Lovemaking Positions To Try For A Quick Orgasm:

  • Any lovemaking positions that allow maximum penetration will give you better chances of a quick orgasm. For men the missionary position (man on top of woman) gives the maximum pleasure and thus they can come faster this way.
  • To make a woman have an orgasm you have to often work harder. Female orgasms are often elusive and difficult to predict. However if the woman sits in an upright position on the man orgasm is faster. The reasons are the same, greater penetration.
  • It is always easier to come when you are in a lovemaking position that puts you on top. This is because the rush of blood is downwards. Lying down you are going against gravity so your body will not help you have an orgasm.
  • This is the mainly why it is so hard to make a woman have an orgasm. Women often choose a position that involves lying flat on the back and that doesn't give them the instant rush of hormones.
  • The more excited you are, the easier it is to have a quick orgasm. If you you hit the bed in a haste and are totally into it then you come automatically. You need not try hard for it.
  • If you prolong your foreplay then you will come faster and better. You need not make it a slow game of turning each other on because you are obviously short of time. All you have to do that one thing that you cannot resist and soon you will be buzzing.
  • Any lovemaking position that allows free movement is good for coming quickly. If you are in a hurry then don't try a something new where you get stuck up in an awkward position because it is a big turn off.
Use these lovemaking tips to select positions that will yield a quick orgasm; short and sweet is the trend now.

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