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Thursday, 26 January 2012

How to Give Heavenly Kisses?

Everything starts with a kiss, and if kissing isn`t good, also ends very quickly. Here`s our advice on how to kiss and how to improve your kissing.

Kissing in a frame

Kissing doesn’t mean pressing your lips against someone else’s and exchanging saliva. Kissing is sexual intercourse, only with different body parts. It’s better than sex and more intimate. That’s why you have to put it in a frame. The frame of a kiss is formed by your hands. They always make the first contact, followed by your lips. Your hands make a woman realise that she’s allowed to enter your personal space and that she can feel safe and desired in it. Even if she’s a fearless woman, she still likes to feel safe and wanted.

Also, try to stand straight and don’t lean forwards too much. Maintain a good posture, a firm and aristocratic pose. This is the only way to show her that you’re self-confident and that you can also deliver what the kiss promises. Your body also forms the frame of a kiss. Try to imagine how you would look like in a picture taken at the moment of your kiss if someone photographed you. Do you want to look like a starving vampire, a boy with low self-esteem, a drooling horny guy, or a gentleman in a suit that sweeps a young lady off her feet with just one kiss? The choice is yours, but remember, perfection is only possible in a frame.
Teach her how to kiss

Women have been brought up in the spirit of expressing tenderness from early childhood. They often believe that they’re born and raised as the masters of kissing because that’s a sensual and tender thing, while men are just barbarians. However, women don’t always kiss that well. Since it’s difficult to tell her what bothers you and why she’s a bad kisser, you can correct her without even letting her know what she has changed and when.

There are two basic options. You can start kissing her the same way she kisses you. If she bites you, start biting her back, a bit harder than she does. If she’s too fast, start your turbo tongue. She’ll realise what you’re doing and will (perhaps) be angry, but sooner or later she’ll realize that what she`s doing is no fun. You can also ask your partner to kiss you as she feels you’re kissing her and vice versa. You can show her with a kiss what she needs to do and she’ll immediately be surprised about her lack of knowledge. Naturally, you’ll also have the chance to see your mistakes, which can only be a good thing. Experiencing a real, passionate, breath-taking kiss is worth learning.

What you feel in your mouth, you’ll get in bed

Kissing tells you everything you need to know about a person if you have sex with him or her. You only have to listen to the person`s body. If you want to make changes to your sex life, you have to start with a kiss.

The first rule – Don’t be in a hurry

The first rule doesn’t mean that quick sex and a quick kiss are impossible. The fundamental aim of sex or kissing is pleasure and stimulation of your nerve endings that soon become overburdened. This means that every pleasure turns into pain sooner or later. You therefore don’t have to rush things. You don’t achieve pleasure if you imagine it somewhere in the future and you rush to achieve an orgasm. It’s much better to enjoy every step that leads to your goal. You can feel the warmth of your partner`s skin, their lips and their mouth, their texture, you can play with his or her tongue and you can try to enjoy as many sensual feelings as possible. If you’re in a hurry, that’s simply impossible.

The second rule – Finding the balance between too much and too little

The right way is in between. That doesn’t mean everything has to be average. It can be extreme, but just to the right extent. You have to understand how your body functions. Let`s take a bite during kissing. It’s great to bite someone, and people like to bite each other, but it’s another story to be bitten. First, you have to take your partner’s pain threshold into account. Women can be bitten harder because they have a higher pain threshold. Second, it’s very important to know how people react to pain. Pain causes two basic reactions - fear and anger. So, if you bite her, look for an emotion in her eyes and use it. Anger can be changed into a wild continuation, rough sex and a struggle between the sheets. Fear can be changed into a gentle continuation, long-lasting, easy, comfortable sex. If she’s frightened, she’ll surrender to you and trust you even more. Too much fear or anger, of course, ruins the whole experience.

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