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Saturday, 14 January 2012

Best Ways To Relax During Headache

You must be thinking, what is the big deal about relaxing? Actually relaxation is a talent we are not all fortunate enough to be born with. The trouble is that we think we can relax but we actually can't and that makes stress headaches worse. That is why it is important to learn ways to relax as a stress buster in our ultra hectic lives.

To get relief from headaches that arise out of stress and tension the only solution is relaxation. So pop all the pills you want but you still have to learn to relax. Here are some the ways to relax that can help when you have really bad headaches.

Best Ways To Relax During A Headache:

1. Get Away From The Source Of Tension:The first thing to do when you get a headache due to stress is to take yourself away from that source of stress. If your mother in law is yelling at the top of her voice and you know that she is doing it to provoke you, then instead of yelling back just leave the house and go for a walk; live to fight another day.

2. Close Your Eyes And Daydream: Daydreaming a great stress buster. Although you boss won't agree, you can actually get relief from headaches if you have the talent to day dream. When your head is on the verge of exploding just close your eyes and dwell on your favourite fantasy. It could be anything you think about, your fictitious trip to Paris or Brad Pitt as your boyfriend, it should be pleasant enough to relieve the stress.

3. Stop Staring At The Screen: Your eyes are the first organs to get affected when you have a stress related headache. But if you battle on and screw up your eyes to glare at the laptop screen then you will tire out faster. Watching movies when stressed with a heavy head is not a good idea either. Although it is great way to relax it strains your eyes.

4. Take A Soothing Bath: Sometimes the heat accumulated in your body goes to your head at the end of the day causing strain. This when you get hot flushes from your ears with the headaches. Take a luxurious shower or just soak yourself in the bathtub for an hour. It will take the heat off your system.

5. Light Aromatic Candles: Your sense of smell is one of the best stress busters for you. Aromatherapy propounds that you can cure head aches and strains by lighting aromatic oils or candles. Put a cold towel on your eyes and lay to drench in the aromas.

6. Avoid Arguments Before Sleep: You must never get into an argument before sleeping especially if you are stressed because it will cause fitful sleep and you'll wake up with a headache.

Use these good health tips to to learn ways to relax during headaches.

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