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Sunday, 1 January 2012

5 Important Tips To Help You Keep That Hard Erection

It is easy to get a solid erection when you were years younger. Without knowing it, you have taken this gift for granted. But when age starts to catch up, you will realize that your erections get a bit softer. Even if you manage to get your penis hard, it may not be sustainable.

When age catches up with you, it can be a painful experience. You will feel pain affecting your ego. Your male ego gets a beating because you can't perform in bed. But you don't have to throw in the towel. There is hope for you, yet.

Consider these 5 crucial tips:

1. Dump those tight briefs - it is a known medical fact that tight underwear can affect your erection strength badly. Blood simply can't flow well into your penis and you know how important blood flow is to a hard erection, don't you? Wear loose underwear or boxer shorts if you can.

2. Avoid smoking or drinking - studies indicate that hard drinks and smoking are both no no for your sex life.You will lose your libido as time goes by. Worse still, your erections may weaken and get softer too.

3. Bring out the running shoes- and exercise regularly. Although you may have heard or read this a thousand times, it still won't hurt to listen to it one more time. Exercises not only burn fats and calories but also improve blood flow and overall sexual health for you. Besides, being fit and healthy will make you look years younger and more attractive to women.

4. Eat only good, wholesome foods - this is a commandment. Unhealthy, junk food can never be good for your health Junk foods are bad for your sexual health. Get the drift? Healthful foods like lean meat, fruits, vegetables, etc ensure that your sexual system functions at its peak. This includes hard erections, sex stamina

5. Try herbal erection remedies- they are for your own good. These pills are made of FDA approved herbal ingredients and are a convenient way for you to strengthen your erections. What's more, you can even increase your semen volume with them

For your own sake, please take note of the above pointers. Having a weak erection is definitely an embarrassing thing. It is no good for your ego and self esteem, to say the least. So don't pretend it is nothing to worry about.

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