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Monday, 9 January 2012

5 Health problems you can relieve with sex

Sex performs miracles - It strengthens the heart, lowers cholesterol levels, helps us lose weight, relieves arthritis pain and PMS symptoms.

Some experts claim that regular sex is the key to eternal youth and a good physical and psychical health of each individual. It is scientifically proven that sex has healing effects, especially with conditions of psychosomatic origin, but it alleviates and heals many other health problems.

Sex for a Powerful Heart

During sex our breathing becomes deeper and faster, which increases the amount of oxygen in our blood and strengthens our heart. During sex the amount of the female hormone estrogen, which is known for its beneficial effects on the heart, also rises.

Sex keeps your cholesterol down

During sex, the testosterone level rises in men, which helps to strengthen muscles and bones, and at the same time lowers the cholesterol level.

Sex makes arthritis less painful

Sex can help you to get rid of headaches and other arthritis-caused pains. If you are often stressed, there is no better therapy than sex. It is also beneficial for prostate health.

Sex for weight loss

Experts claim that sex once a week burns 7.500 calories per year, which equals a run of 120 kilometers.

Sex makes PMS history

Research has confirmed that sex alleviates menstrual problems. With more than a thousand participants, those with a regular sex life complained of premenstrual and menstrual pains much less.

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