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Thursday, 15 December 2011

Why some ladies are tagged sexless

Motherhood may be one of the most beautiful phases of life for a woman, but when it comes to their married life, it may prove to be unfavourable as one in five believe that their husbands consider them ‘sexless’ when they become moms.

A survey of British mothers between 18 and their late
50s revealed that motherhood has had a negative effect on their sex lives. A third of those questioned felt that they were simply seen as a mother and no longer as a lover.

Only 2 per cent said their partner would think of them as ‘sensual’ while a despairing more than one in five said they were regarded as ‘sexless’.

coupleAsked which words their partner would use to describe them, just 12 per cent of mothers said ‘feminine’ while the overwhelming majority – 69 per cent – simply said ‘tired’, the Daily Mail reported.

The research from the website Netmums suggested women felt their husbands had ‘baby blinkers’ on, and more than three-quarters said they made love less than before their children came along.

Many, particularly younger mothers, said that this implied they had lost their self-confidence.

They felt ‘mumsy’ and uninterested in their appearance or fashion and beauty.

A worrying 40 per cent said they had ‘forgotten who they were’ before they had children, a phenomenon the researchers dubbed ‘mumnesia’.

The results suggest younger mothers are feeling the most overlooked with just 19 per cent of those in their 20s saying their partners thought they were sexy, compared with 32 per cent of the over-50s.

More than half of the women in their 20s asserted that they ‘hated’ their post-baby body compared with 37 per cent of women in their 30s, 35 per cent in their 40s, and just 27 per cent of the over-50s.

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