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Friday, 9 December 2011

Some tips to help you let go in bed:

Let go of your inhibitions, get more vocal and play some games. Read on to find out what else can help you add that zing to your love life...
Contrary to popular belief, enjoying a great sex life is not all about possessing technical skills. What is more important is to be able to let go and enjoy the act with your partner. Most people will agree that the key to having fun in bed is to have an equally enthusiastic lover. You need to be able to shut out the rest of the world and focus on enjoying yourself with your partner. Forget about the worries of the day and just concentrate on having a great sensual experience.

Live in the moment
Create the perfect romantic ambience for you and your lover. Make sure that your space is clutter-free so that while you are getting intimate, your mind does not wander to household bills or pending office work. It's hard to be unrestrained in bed if you are concerned about other things.

Ensure that there are no distractions. Turn the lights dim, put the phone off the hook and play some soft music; anything that can help bring out the passion. Concentrate solely on the intimacy that you and your partner share. Grab your lover close and stroke your partner's hair. Once you reach a certain comfort level, you will be all set for a wild night.

Make some noise
You don't have to be silent when you and your partner are having sex. Flirting a little and whispering sweet nothings can add to the mood. Turn your partner on by telling him/her what you like. There is no need to feel inhibited and sharing each other's thoughts only serves to increase intimacy. Say something naughty or seductive to your partner. Try doing something different in bed. The whole idea is to let go of the awkwardness and bring out the desire in you. Just remember not to be fake and learn to let go of yourself a little.

Play games
To truly enjoy yourself while having sex, you need to be an active participant and adopt an erotic attitude. Why wait for your lover to always take the lead? Instead, try being the boss in the bedroom for once and let your lover know exactly what you want. Being in charge will give you an added sense of confidence and a great rush. It will catch your lover by surprise.

Try something new in bed from your usual routine. Watch an erotic film together or purchase some sexy lingerie that will make you feel more attractive. Dress up as a character from your partner's fantasy or try feeding each other fingerfoods . There are no hard and fast rules - just let your imagination run free.

Get bolder
Research says that individuals who are submissive during sex experience lower levels of arousal. When having sex with your lover, try to be at ease. Forget about how you look or what he/she may be thinking and just be yourself. Surrender yourself to the moment and you will realise that you and your lover can have a real good time in bed.

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