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Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Having sex is the best way to feel good

Making love boosts happiness more than anything else, a new research has found.

The "Mappiness" project, which was run by researcher George MacKerron in conjunction with the London School of Economics, asked more than 45,000 Apple smart users to record their activity, location and happiness up to five times a day via a special application.

They received more than three million responses over more than a year and the results were fed into a so-called hedonimeter that tracked the nation`s mood minute by minute.

The researchers found that Christmas Day was the happiest day of the year and people were the most content at 1.50 pm on 25th December.

They also found that there was a spike in Britain`s happiness on the day of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge`s wedding on 29th April, but people were at their lowest ebb on 31st January, at 8 pm.

"Through April we see a series of spikes due to the bank holidays," the Daily Mail quoted MacKerron as telling the Sunday Times.

"Then, on the royal wedding day itself, there was a spike at around 11am during the service and again at 1pm when William and Kate went out on the balcony," he added.

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