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Saturday, 31 December 2011

7 Ways To Win Husband's Heart?

To win your husband's heart is the easiest thing on earth because it has always belonged to you; even if it hasn't you can make it now. Always remember, men are easier to please than women but their requirements are different. The trouble starts when we try to evaluate or prioritize their requirements against ours. But when you are out to win back love from your husband then he should be your only priority.

Here are some ways to show love that will win your husband's heart for you.

7 Ways To Win Your Husband's Heart:

1. Show Love & Concern For His Parents: When we say 'show' we don't exactly mean 'fake'. You may not feel genuine love for your parents in law but then they are your responsibility. Just like you do the needful for your parent, do your duties towards your in laws and do it without complaining. That will be enough to win back his love.

2. Cook For Him: It is the oldest trick in the book. Your grandmother must have told you that the way to man's heart is through his stomach. In our busy schedules we find it difficult to cook regularly. But you can take time out to cook him a special meal on weekends. That will make him feel special.

3. Put Out His Clothes For Work: It is only an example of how you can make his life comfortable. Try to bring out his clothes for work when he is in a hurry. Put his dirty clothes in the laundry if he forgets and he will feel like there is a benign motherly presence in his busy life.

4. Wait For Him At Dinner: It is very important to have your meals together. It is best time to bond over food and the gossip for the day. He may say that we should eat when we are hungry but you make the effort when you want to win your husband's heart.

5. Dress Up For Him: A woman should never let herself go. You need to be in shape; hit the gym or do yoga if you have to. You have to maintain yourself for him and believe it or not he will notice. Many believe that men stop noticing their wife after marriage; if its true then force him to notice.

6. Listen More & Speak Less: God has given you 2 ears and 1 mouth. It signifies that you have to talk less and listen more. In this way any anger you may feel against it will not be expressed explicitly and also he will feel that you are interested in what he has to say.

7. Be Intimate: Being intimate in bed is the best way to win back his love. The more you come physically closer, your emotional bond will grow proportionally.

Here are some relationship tips to win your husband's heart.

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