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Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Why Are Men Obsessed with Penis?

Obsession with the penis is a common condition. If a man is obsessed with the fact that his penis is the symbol of his manhood, or if he devotes too much attention to his penis, this can present an obstacle in becoming one with his partner. The obsession creates a problem for the man as well as for his woman whose turn doesn’t come to feel the partner’s affection. It also causes troubles to the man because he is constantly burdened with his male role. He expects quite a lot from his penis. Sometimes the penis is also used to hide problems.

Shrines to the penis are also created by women

Unfortunately, many women grow up convinced that a cold-hearted and self-admiring man is the ideal of manhood. So that is why they are attracted to men with whom they can never establish a true relationship and they waste their lives complaining about it. The contributing factor is also that men are afraid that they won’t perform well and thus won’t be able to satisfy their partner`s desires, so they devote more attention to their penises than to their partners. Of course, the effect would be more satisfactory if it were the other way round.

Penis is a tool

The penis is one of the tools that you can use to satisfy your desires. It definitely isn’t the only tool, and it isn’t essential for pleasure. Partners feel the greatest pleasure when they are able to relax and give the body and soul to the other. If you want to satisfy her, don’t play with your penis. Instead, play with your partner. A man whose penis isn’t always in the centre of the universe can be a gentle lover. He has a better attitude towards women and, in general, he is able to achieve a greater feeling of freedom in life. He develops passion for lots of other things which he normally wouldn’t even notice. Sexual intercourse with a man who is capable of placing his penis in the right place is an addition to the friendship that such a man is able to form with you.

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