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Monday, 28 November 2011

Shoes to go with your body type

A shoe is like an underpinning a woman builds her entire look on. And there is more to shoe dynamics that just colour and design — the shoe should compliment your body type.

“Buy shoes that work best with your body type. We have a tendency to match shoes to our outfits. But it is important
to be wise with our shoe spending rupees,” says Vidya Varma, fashion stylist.

Picking a shoe is a humongous task, something only women will agree with; and when you have to match a pair to your body type, it only raises the difficulty level. Hence, to help retain the pleasure in your shopping experience, here are some guidelines that will help you pick the best shoe for your body type. Follow these expert tips that will make your buy worth the effort and bucks spent.

Short women with thicker legs
“Any shoe with a simple heel will work for this kind of body structure. However, it is advisable to pick one with a unique design to catch attention. Also, shoes with open-toe design are recommended. But, boots of mid-calf design should be avoided, as well as flats, because they can have a tendency to make your legs appear thicker and your overall stature shorter” says Vidya Varma.

Slim women with long legs
Heels“Even taller women are entitled to wear heels or stilettos. However, care should be taken to ensure that it is not too high. Moreover, small calves, and mid-calf boots are also perfect as well as strappy sandals, as they can add drama to your feet. Pointed shoes should be avoided as it creates an illusion that the wearer is too tall,” says Varma.

Petite women with short legs
“Shorter women need to increase their height, so for that reason, high heels, wedges and platform type of shoes are recommended. Of course, not everyone is comfortable wearing such shoes. In those cases flat shoes can be worn but they will look best with a dress or skirt that falls above the knee to avoid looking shorter,” says Shunam Gulati, fashion stylist.

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