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Monday, 28 November 2011

How to Enlarge Your Penis Easily

For men who wish to enlarge their penis questions regarding ease and safety of the method often come up. There are different methods each with its pros and cons. Penis enlargement exercises stand out as the easiest to perform and safest.
There are two main techniques employed in penis enlargement exercises, the stretch and flex.

The stretch technique involves stretching the penis shaft to enable more blood to flow into its tissue. In addition, this technique promotes cell multiplication in the shaft making it longer and thicker. Here is a simple procedure of a stretch technique called the jelq.

Bring your penis to be half erect
Apply lubricant to your hands
Firmly hold the base of the penis with your thumb and index finger
Run the fingers along the shaft towards the head ensuring blood is pushed toward head
Repeat the procedure with the other hand
Perform the technique about 30 times

The flex technique involves strengthening the pubo coccygeal (PC) muscles. This helps you to have a bigger erection as well as control over your ejaculation. Here is a flexing technique called the kegel.

Tense the PC muscles which are located between the scrotum and anus for 1 second and release
Repeat this 30 times before rest

It is easy to perform these penis enlargement exercises as you only need to master the technique. In addition, you can perform them in the bathroom before going to bed.

However, easy they might seem, these are powerful ways to increase your penis length and girth. How soon you see results will be determined by a number of factors such as your diet and the amount of rest you give you penis after exercise.

It will take you weeks or even months before seeing any results. The best part however is that the exercises will make your penis larger permanently.

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