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Thursday, 3 November 2011

Healthy Eating Tips during Pregnancy

1. Protein
Try to consume 60-80 Grams of Protein daily. If you expecting twins then you need more.

Protein helps to develop the baby’s body Tissues. Chicken, Meat, Fish, Eggs, Yogurt, Milk, Cheese, Beans and Peanut Butter is the source of Protein.

2. Iron
Try to eat Leafy Green Vegetables like Spinach, Broccoli etc, Meat and Strawberries. They are the good source of Iron.

A Pregnant woman needs an extra Iron in their diet because the blood’s Volume increases. Deficiency of Iron can also develop Anemia. If the level of Iron is low in the Blood, go for Iron supplements.

3. Calcium
Pregnant women should consume Calcium rich food. Milk, Cheese, Yogurt are the good source of Calcium and they contain Proteins too. In this way you get two important nutrients from these things.

Calcium is very important for the growth of baby’s Bones. If the baby does not receive the sufficient amount of Calcium, it will start taking Calcium from the mother’s bones for its development.

4. Folate
Folate is an essential nutrient for a pregnant woman. It is present in Vitamins. Eggs, Green vegetables and Citrus Fruits are a good source of Folate. Folate is also found in Bread and Cereals.

Pregnant women should carefully add this nutrient in their food. It will decrease the risk of Neural Tube defect in the baby.

5. Fruits and vegetables
Try to add fruits and vegetables in every meal of yours.

Fruits and vegetables are the good source of Vitamins and Minerals and if anyone is not getting sufficient amount of Vitamins and Minerals they can get them from fruits and vegetables.

6. Intake of Fluids
Pregnant women should at least go for 8 glasses of water a day. Try to consume a sufficient amount of Milk and Water every day.

Intake of fruit juices is also good but not better than Milk and Water. Try to avoid the use of Soda and other drinks containing Carbon and Caffeine.

Snacks are good to eat between meals to fill in the gaps. If anyone has the morning sickness or experience Heart Burn they should go for healthy snacks. Healthy snacks will also help them to get Nutrients which are missed.

Try to go for healthy snacks, some are listed below:

1. Yogurt
It is a good source of Calcium, Fiber and Protein.

2. Trail mix
Try to make your Trail Mix with the ingredients like Cereal, Nuts, dried fruits, Cream and fresh fruits. Take it along with you if you go for run, Yoga or an exercise.

3. Salad
Make a salad with different fresh vegetables for a snack to be eaten between meals. You can also add fruits in it. Try to add vegetables like Spinach, Cucumbers, Tomatoes, Baby Corns and Baby Carrots etc.

One can go for fruits and Russian salads too.

4. Cheese snacks
One can go for Cheese snacks too. Cheese snacks contain Calcium and Protein in it. Cheese snack will also be a good instant snack.
Foods to be avoided

1. Seafood
Pregnant women should avoid eating the fish which contains Mercury it. Fishes like Shark, Tile Fish and Sword Fish contains Mercury in it.

Some doctors say that for healthy pregnancy pregnant women should use Tuna Fish in a limited amount and some says that they should not go for Tuna at all. If one goes for Tuna, they should go for Chunk Light over Solid White because it contains more Mercury.

Raw seafood like Sushi should be avoided because it contains Bacteria in it which is dangerous for the mother and the baby both.

2. Caffeine
Try to limit the intake of Caffeine during Pregnancy. More than 4 servings of Caffeine each day can lead to Miscarriages and Premature Birth of babies. Tea, Coffee, Soda and Chocolates all contain Caffeine in it.

3. Soft Cheese
Try to avoid using Soft Cheese like Feta and Brie during Pregnancy because they develop Bacteria. Bacteria can be harmful for the development of baby. One should go for Hard Cheese. It is safe and is a good source of Calcium.

4. Alcohol
Some experts say that Pregnant Ladies should limit Alcohol to 1 glass occasionally while others say that Pregnant Ladies should say no to Alcohol. Too much use of Alcohol can lead to Birth Defects and Learning Disabilities.

5. Undercooked Meat
If you are Pregnant, try to avoid undercooked Meat. Undercooked meat contains Salmonella or e Coli which can be harmful for you and your baby’s health. Whenever you eat meat make sure that it is thoroughly cooked.

Above mentioned are the healthy eating tips that will surely help to make you and your baby’s health perfect during Pregnancy.

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  1. Your baby gets nutrients directly from you. If you are lacking in a nutrient then your baby will be lacking. The baby takes what you have first and then relies on you to provide the rest. Not only is your developing baby relying on you for the proper nutrition, but your body also needs to be sustained or you will suffer from nutrient deficiency.

    Dr. Maureen Muoneke