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Sunday, 23 October 2011

Women groups outraged over sex guide reinforcing gender stereotypes

Obedient Wives Club’s new sex guide has sparked resentment amongst women group who claim that the book portrays women as sex objects.

All Women’s Action Society (Awam) programme manager Betty Yeoh said the book opposes the notion of gender equality.

“It goes against gender equality and what women``s groups have been fighting for all this while,” Star Online quoted Yeoh as saying.

“The views expressed are backward when everybody is moving forward.”

Club founder Hatijah Aam, who is also the author of the controversial book Seks Islam Perangi Yahudi Untuk Kembalikan Seks Islam Kepada Dunia (Sex in Islam Wage War Against Jews to Return Islamic Sex to the World), said that when a man reached the highest spiritual level, “he can appear in multiple apparitions and have sex with his wives even though they are in separate locations”.

She said that this means that when a man has reached the highest spiritual level, he will be granted the ability to have sex with his wives spiritually.

Women’s Aid Organisation (WAO) executive director Ivy Josiah said they did not agree with the views expressed in the book.

“We are confident that people will reject their ideas,” she said.

Empower (Persatuan Kesedaran Komuniti Selangor) programme officer A. Janarthini said a mature reading public should be able to determine what are positive values to be emulated.

However, the club does not intend to launch the book in Malaysia.

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