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Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Wearing sports bra during workouts can prevent tissue damage

A new study has suggested that wearing sports bra during workouts can save women from the risk of damaging the ligaments connected to the breast tissue.

The breast tissue moves severely while exercising, and the ligaments can stretch over time without right support, resulting in pain and even potential tissue damage.

Dr Joanna Scurr, head of breast health research at Portsmouth University, who led the project, said that a right-fitted sports bra is essential for good breast health.

“Our research demonstrates that a correctly-fitted sports bra offering appropriate support can reduce breast movement by up to 78 percent and also reduce associated breast pain,” the Daily Express quoted her as saying.
“As the breast has no supporting muscles it may also reduce the risk of breast sag, which is why it is so important to wear a well-fitting sports bra, whatever your size,” she added.

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