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Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Frequent mistakes men make during intercourse

No man is a perfect lover. Take a look at most frequent mistakes and make sure that you do not repeat them.

1. In the beginning we leave out kissing

Avoiding her lips and racing towards her erogenous zones gives her an unwanted feeling of being paid by the hour and gives an impression that you only want to quickly proceed to the heart of the matter. Long and passionate kisses will spark a flame of desire in her, and you will benefit from it.

2. Sticking your tongue in her ear

Admit it! Friends at school told you that women love it. But there is a big difference between erotic kissing, gentle nibbling of her ear lobes and rough showing of your tongue up to her anvil.

3. Before sex we did not take a shower and brush our teeth

Hygiene is fundamental. If you forgot to take a shower you can be sure that she will notice it. Maybe she will pretend that everything is fine, but when she is turning her head away from you do not mistake it for a sign of passion – she is just avoiding the unpleasant odours coming from your mouth and body.

4. Squeezing her breasts without any feeling

We all know how you love to fondle them, but try to control your enthusiasm. Do not squeeze them, like you are buying fruit. Put both of your hands on them and gently, yet firmly and with care, rock and fondle them. Her breasts are more sensitive than your other toys.

5. Chewing her nipples

Suppress your childhood reflex and do not jump on her erect nipples as soon as she unbuttons her bra. Do not chew on them like a horse on a fresh pile of hay, but circle around them with your tongue, gently lick them, and only then proceed with gentle nibbling.

6. Ignoring the rest of her body

A female body consists of more `sights` than just two mountain peaks and a tunnel. Do not neglect her other erogenous zones, caress her whole body. Devote your attention to her neck, inside of her thighs, wrists and feet. Basically, if treated correctly, her whole body becomes one huge erogenous zone.

7. Quick fingers

Our fingers all too often and too quickly reach for her lower regions. We must overcome our obsession with her vagina and stroke her hair, tap her on the ass and scratch her back, before we start messing with her private parts. First we must devote our attention to the region around clitoris and vaginal entrance, and only after we did this can we proceed to the real deal. With feeling!

8. Socks first!

Naked man in socks is probably nature`s funniest sight. Even more so if the socks are white and up to your knees and you are not a Scotsman. So when you undress, make sure you get rid of your socks first. Do not jump around your partner like you are in the dressing room after a soccer match.

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