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Sunday, 3 January 2010

Israeli magician creates ice record

You may call it an illusion, but an Israeli magician spent 66 hours in an eight-tonne block of ice to create a new world record.

Hezi Dayan, 29, had himself sealed into a specially constructed transparent ice cube in Tel Aviv's Rabin Square, where he apparently stayed for nearly three days wearing just jeans and a thin T-shirt.

"My aim is that at two or three in the morning, people on their way home from a night out will say, 'Come let's go to the square and see if that loony is in his ice'," Dayan told the Haaretz newspaper before attempting the feat.

At the stroke of the New Year, assistants cut open the ice block and removed the weak-looking illusionist, taking him straight to a waiting ambulance. However, his condition wasn't immediately clear.

Some 200 onlookers celebrated the arrival of the new decade with Dean, many of the them carrying signs - from the encouraging "Hezi the great", to the more practical "Don't die Hezi Dayan".

Dayan broke the record of the American magician David Blaine who spent 63 hours in a similar ice cube in New York's Times Square in 2000.

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