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Saturday, 9 January 2010

Coming soon, breath-controlled cell phones?

Thought touch-pad screen phone was the pinnacle of mobile technology? Well, here’s some news for you – Breath-controlled technology has hit the science town.

The new revolutionary technology, Sensawaft, developed by Zyxio, an American company, could soon aid hands-­free mobile phones apart from other gadgets.

"You can move a cursor or character around a screen with as much accuracy as a finger moving a mouse,” the Telegraph quoted Celine Vignal, the co-founder of the company, as saying.

She added: "We think the possibilities are endless. It even has potential for the military and factory assembly workers, who need to use both their hands continually, but would benefit from another functionality.

"And with video games, just imagine playing a Harry Potter game, and blowing to cast a spell. It would be great."

Sensawaft is supported with microelectromechanical systems involving tiny chips that can be embedded in other devices, such as a video game or hands-free mobile phone headset.

The users basically need to blow on the screen to use applications.

Kat Hannaford, contributing editor to the Gizmodo website, said: "It is certainly intriguing and I can see it has enormous potential.

"But for it to get any traction it needs a major manufacturer to adopt it. And do video gamers really want to be huffing and puffing away into a headset? I am not so sure."

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