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Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Women more happier with life than men

Women get more pleasure out of life than men - but only by 15 minutes a day, says a new study.

Social Policy Research Centre fellow Dr Roger Patulny, from the University of New South Wales: "If you add up all the times together - the good times and the bad times - men have about 10 minutes less time that they enjoy than women in a day and six minutes more time that they dislike."

"Women tend to enjoy the things that they do with their time more than men do," Patulny said.

In the study, the expert found that the biggest negative for women was housework: 90 minutes of it every day, reports The Daily Telegraph.

As for males, they did about 50 minutes of unenjoyable chores.

They also endured more "bad" time in paid work and commuting, the research added.

"Women seem happier," Patulny said. "They are happier if you ask them how satisfied they are with life but they also have more happy time."

He believes that the difference may be that males tend to be more socially disconnected because they spend less time with families and friends and are more likely to see themselves as lonely.

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