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Thursday, 24 December 2009

Syndiastic` therapy could treat sexual dysfunction in men

Underlining an important new development in German sex therapy- a form of the internationally familiar "couples" therapy called "syndiastic" therapy-scientists have found a solution for treating sexual dysfunction in men.

Modern, couple-oriented treatment for male sexual dysfunction takes the psychosocial aspects of sex into account, as well as focussing on the purely physical aspects of the problem.

The importance of this biopsychosocial approach, whether one looks at disorders of desire, arousal or orgasm, is supported by intercultural comparisons, among other data.

But sexual dysfunction can also arise as a consequence of a variety of diseases and their treatments, such as depression or diabetes, or can even be an early warning sign of serious physical illness such as heart disease.

Thus, there is a need for an interdisciplinary approach, drawing on both medical and psychological techniques and insights.

Thus, urologist Dirk Rosing and coauthors present an overview of current thinking and practice in the area of male sexual dysfunction.

They used research on prostate cancer to highlight the "syndiastic" therapy.

Questionnaire surveys to men with prostate cancer show that while the importance of the genital aspects of sexuality decreased in importance following radical surgery, the relationship and physical intimacy remained as important as before.

"Syndiastic" sex therapy was introduced in Germany in 2004, and focussed for the first time explicitly on fundamental psychosocial needs, in a wider way, rather than purely on sexual function itself.

Coming from Aristotle`s dictionary, meaning a disposition to "live in pairs" or "belonging," this approach differs importantly from some other somatic or psychological treatments, which focus mainly on restoring sexual function.

Instead, it aims to broaden the understanding of sexuality, extend the range of physical experience, and improve overall satisfaction within the relationship.

The study has been published in Deutsches Arzteblatt International.

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