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Tuesday, 29 December 2009

Sex for one night does not affect the psyche

casual sex does not put young people at increased risk of any mental condition, according to therapists, University of Minnesota / USA /. Although the study focused on the psychological impact of such relationship, doctors warn that we should not forget about the physical risk “sex for one night”.

The review was conducted among 1 thousand 311 sexually active young people with an average age of 20 years, which surveyed about their intimate life and emotional state, said AMI-TASS. In 55% of sexual partner was a man with whom the young people met in a long time, 25% – fiance / fiancee or spouse. Far fewer respondents reported that their most recent sexual partner / in 12% of cases / in their lives was an acquaintance, but not close, while in 8% – just a casual acquaintance. The men reported casual sexual relations twice as often as young women.

While in psychiatry has long considered the question of potential harm neromanticheskih sex between casual acquaintances in his youth, physicians found no differences in psychological well-being among young people, who long ago met with his companion / companion of life and were faithful to him / her, and those who adhered to casual or short-term sexual relationships. Despite the findings, experts still tend to believe that we should not forget about the educational programs aimed at sexual education of youth.

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